"This place is a true blessing..."

What I liked most about my stay was the beautiful facilities and the kindness of the staff and residents who truly reflect the love of God in their daily duties. This place is a true blessing to our community.

Retreat Participant

"To the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ……With Love"

Once again I spend a week of retreat here at Lindenwood in silent contemplation and introspection. Over the past 13 years that I have been coming to Lindenwood for various activities, including retreats and personal spiritual counseling, I have grown both intellectually and spiritually.

The lyrics of an old song - To Sir, With Love - come to mind as I write these words. “How do you thank someone who’s taken you from crayons to perfume.” Though the words do not fit exactly, the sentiment does fit in that words fail to express the level of profound gratitude for the guidance and support provided here.

When I come to Lindenwood I am truly “coming home” for it is here that I have found my tribe.

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"Vacation for my Soul, Body and Mind"

During the spring of 2017, I found myself feeling depleted and completely overloaded by work and personal obligations. I was a living example of what it meant to lack work-life balance. Experiencing life as if on a continuous non-stop merry-go-round, I decided to exit the merry-go-round by arranging a private retreat at Lindenwood Retreat and Conference Center. Time spent at this beautiful and peaceful Center was a vacation for my soul, body and mind. The Center provided an opportunity for me to rest in the stillness, and experience spiritual and physical rejuvenation.

Individual Retreatant