Additional Amenities

Villa Maria Chapel accommodates groups up to 50 people.

Villa Maria Chapel

There is a Chapel available on the second floor of Villa Maria with seating for 50. It has a Clavinova electric piano for your use. The Chapel is open to all faith groups for private prayer and liturgical worship services.

Ancilla Domini Chapel

Ancilla Domini Chapel

The chapel is styled after a Tudor-Gothic Cathedral and seats up to 500 people. It is available for private prayer and reflection and Catholic liturgical services. An organ and piano are available for your use. Please let the Lindenwood Event Coordinator know if you are interested in using the chapel.

Heilborn Chapel

Heilborn Chapel

Originally housing the 14 Holy Helpers statues it evolved to be an “American Heilborn,” a place to honor Mary as a parallel to the Heilborn Chapel in Germany. It was built in 1922. This chapel was a gift from the contractors of the Motherhouse: Jacob and Christ Gaul.

The Labyrinth


Lindenwood offers an outdoor labyrinth in the 11-circuit Chartres style located east of the Villa Maria in a lovely setting facing Lake Gilbraith with

  • Grassy walking paths surrounded by brick
  • Benches are available for quiet reflection

Learn more about the Labyrinth.


Prayer Garden

  • Located behind Lindenwood next to Lake Gilbraith
  • Serene space with benches for meditative and reflective time

Stations of the Cross

  • Located behind Lindenwood next to Lake Gilbraith
  • Serene space with benches for meditative and reflective time
Lake Galbraith

Lake Gilbraith

Mowed pathway around Lake Gilbraith allows for outdoor walks.


Campfire Site

Our campfire pit is located in a grassy area near the water’s edge at the west end of Lake Gilbraith. Please arrange for the use of the campfire site through the Lindenwood Event Coordinator. Bringing your own wood is STRICTLY PROHIBITED due to the Emerald Ash Borer problem. There is a small fee for use of the campfire site. Kindling and wood are provided. Individuals are responsible for bringing lighting instruments (matches or a lighter).


Lindenwood Book Store

Lindenwood Bookstore

The Bookstore is open Monday–Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays as staffed. We offer a wide selection of spiritual and self-help books, CDs, picture greeting cards and photos of our campus. Please consider scheduling time in your agenda to allow participants to visit.

Tulip Room
Tulip Room

The Tulip Room

The Tulip Room is located on the ground floor of Villa Maria and is a common space for use by all Lindenwood guests. It has a snack area, card tables and chairs, comfortable couches and chairs, a piano, an organ, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, ice machine and a vending machine with sodas. Puzzles and games are available. There is also a computer with internet access. Near the Tulip Room, in room 20, there is a treadmill and exercise bike for adult use.

Lobby Sitting Area
Persimmon Lounge
Sitting Area

Lounge Areas