In collaboration with Earthworks, guests of Lindenwood have the opportunity to incorporate direct experiences with nature into their events and programs. Earthworks, another Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ ministry, seeks to teach, demonstrate and promote the interconnectedness of all creation. To learn more about how this new partnership can benefit you and your programs, we invite you to contact us at or

Possible experiences include:

PHJC Greenhouse Tour with a Greenhouse Specialist

The greenhouses grow and produce year-round for the PJHC Motherhouse and Catherine Kasper Home kitchens. Plants are grown organically without the use of harmful chemicals. Its sustainability practices includes: using cow manure from the farm, kitchen scraps for compost and to feed our chickens, compost teas and rock dust, to name a few. A greenhouse tour usually lasts for about an hour and the greenhouse specialist will demonstrate how the sustainability practices are used to grow healthy and vibrant plants. There is the possibility of Lindenwood guests to work directly with the earth by assisting a greenhouse specialist at the PHJC greenhouses.

Land and Prairie Tour with an Ecological Relationships Director

The land and prairie tour includes a guided walk through forest and prairie ecosystems. Interactive discussions are centered on land management for biological sustainability. Topics of conversation include invasive species, biodiversity, historic land use, and management practices. Walking tours are typically 0.4 miles and include some uneven terrain across natural surfaces. In the event of inclement weather, an alternative presentation or discussion on natural areas can be provided at Lindenwood.

LEED Presentation

US Green Building Institute certifies building projects for Leadership in Education and Environment Design. The Center at Donaldson’s MoonTree Studios was designed to be a Gold LEED complex of buildings. During the presentation we will discuss how this impacts construction practices, environmental concerns and education.