Are You Being Called to be a Spiritual Companion?

Have others:

  • Shared intimately with you about their spiritual life?

  • Shared with you because you listen reflectively?

  • Shared important aspects of their lives with you, either joys or sorrows?

How do you know if ministry as a spiritual companion is right for you?

  • Are you serious about your own journey with God?

  • Do you take time regularly for spiritual practices to deepen your own journey?

  • Are you enlivened by sharing the spiritual journey with others?

  • Are you yourself sharing your spiritual journey with someone on a regular basis?

What is spiritual companionship?

  • It is listening to the Holy Spirit who resides in the depths of each of us.

  • It is noticing God in everyday experiences.

  • It is being present to and honoring the mystery of the other.

  • It is discerning together the many calls of the Divine.

  • It is surrendering to God’s action within us.

  • It is joining together through empathy and wisdom.

  • It is awakening to the sacred in all of life.

  • It is learning to notice the presence of the Holy Spirit.

If the above resonates deeply within you, being a spiritual companion could be your call,
and the Spiritual Companion Program may help to fulfill that call.

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