Spiritual Companionship Program


The Spiritual Companionship Program is a 19-month program to train people to respond to the growing need for spiritual companions. It is designed to introduce the theory, spirituality, and practice of spiritual companionship for Christians today.

To be a Spiritual Companion means that you offer yourself as a fellow traveler and a guide along the journey of faith. This program is designed to teach those who may have the gift of offering spiritual guidance to others, but who have not had any formal training in spiritual companionship.

Upon completion of this program, Spiritual Companions will serve as a resource in their faith community for others desiring their help in discerning the work of the Holy Spirit in their life. When you fulfill the requirements of this program and complete it, you will receive a certificate of completion.


Topics Included in the Program


• Spiritual Companionship - What it is and What it is Not

• What Does it mean to be Called, Confirming a Call

• Religious Experiences and Daily Practices

• Various Methods of Prayer

• Becoming a Spiritual Companion

• The Relationship between Companioner and Companion

• Self-Care

• Supervision

• Group Spiritual Companionship

• Journaling

• Lectio Divina

• Noticing and Sharing Key Interior Facts

• Fostering the Contemplative Attitude

• Solitude, Silence and Centering

• Schools of Spirituality, the Classics

• Use of Scripture and Spiritual Direction

• Entering One-to-One Spiritual Companionship

• Discernment

• Listening Skills

• Consolation and Desolation in Prayer

• Images of God

• Qualities of a Spiritual Companion

• The Contemplative Attitude

• Honoring the Sabbath

• Issues in Spiritual Companionship

• The Code of Ethics

• Becoming a Spiritual Companion

• Essential Practices from the Six Great Traditions of Christian Faith and more

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